The "Teach your child at home" series

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If you, like an increasing number of parents, would like to teach your child at home, but don't know how to, then this series of books will be just what you are looking for.

Who are they written for?
  • Parents who want to teach their children at home and want a structured approach
  • Those with children at school, who need extra assistance at home
  • Those with children at home or school, who enjoy doing practical things
Why these books?
  • Comprehensive resources, that combine teaching and learning
  • Packed with lots of colourful activities
  • Wire bound so that they lie flat as you work
  • Instructions that teach the basics, in tried and tested ways
  • Informative and fascinating
  • Not too much to read, nor too technical
  • Ideas to last the whole family for many years
How are they to be used?
  • Parents to read, so that they can teach their children
  • Children to read, and then complete the activity pages
Who are they by?
  • Authors with over twenty years' experience of teaching in schools
  • They have successfully taught their own children at home for six years
  • Writers who have the joint perspective of what is required by schools, and who appreciate the needs of children learning at home