English Book

Teach your child at home English
ISBN: 9780954511012

Authors: Mike & Jill Finch
Published by: Snail Alley
Price: £14.95

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Starts with simple tips about the way we learn to read, followed by a step by step guide to learning how to produce neat handwriting.

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3 chapters devoted to the basic techniques of the English language-spelling, punctuation and parts of speech.
With easy to follow instructions and useful activities to help your child to practise along the way.

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Mnemonics Snails

Handy methods to improve your writing, followed by 3 colourful chapters packed with plenty of ideas to inspire you to write fiction, non-fiction and poetry-suitable for all ages and abilities in the whole family.

For children up to about the age of 12, depending on ability.

Poetry Leaflets