Maths Book

Teach your child at home Maths
ISBN: 9780954511005

Authors: Mike & Jill Finch
Published by: Snail Alley
Price: £14.95

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Starts with practical ideas for doing Maths without realising it-useful for children of all ages, particularly those not yet ready to write things down.

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4 comprehensive chapters on adding, taking away, multiplying and dividing. They go through the basic functions, step by step, and explain how to do these sums in a traditional, fail-safe way. With excellent activities to help practise these skills.

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Peacocks Snakes & Ladders

7 further chapters on money, time, shape, data handling, measuring, decimals, fractions and percentages, each with bright activities to work on.

For children up to about the age of 12, depending on ability.

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