Science Book

Teach your child at home Science
ISBN: 9780954511029

Authors: Mike & Jill Finch
Published by: Snail Alley
Price: £14.95


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Forces and Motion

The book start with tips on how to go about investigations in a 'scientific' way, and how a record can be kept of work, if this is thought necessary or desirable.


What follows is essentially a practical book. All the science has been specifically chosen, so that it can be proved or demonstrated by a practical activity. There are well over 100 different scientific activities, all of which actually work, and can be done using everyday items.

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The basic science behind the investigations is explained in simple terms so that no specialist knowledge is needed.
The subjects covered are animals, plants, humans, food, materials, weather, forces and motion, electricity, magnetism, sound, light and the Earth in the solar system.

For children up to about the age of 12, depending on ability.

Weather Plants
Electricity Earth System